Today: February 19, 2018
City of Cologne
1211 Village Parkway
PO Box 120
Cologne, MN 55322


As the City of Cologne works on updating its current comprehensive plan for the year 2040, please visit this website to look for information regarding open houses and to view any information that has been provided for the public to view. The Comprehensive Plan Update must be submitted in the summer of 2018 and the public is encouraged to participate in open houses and to provide feedback.

The hub for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan can be located by following THIS LINK or by following the link under “Your Government.”


Cologne Drop Sites: Klein Bank, Holiday Station, Security Bank, Cologne Community Center, and Hairs 2-U. Contact person: Dan Worm, Assistant Chief, (612) 432-5889
NYA Drop Sites: Klein Bank, Bongards, Citizen State Bank, Tanglez Salon, Lazy Loon Lanes, Sacred Health, Extreme Electric, Schmidt Chiropractic. Contact: Melissa Pasquarette, (952) 649-1791
Hamburg Drop Sites: State Bank of Hamburg. Contact: Justin Buckentin, (612) 716-6787

There has been a water main break on Louis Street West. Properties on Louis Street W and Conrad Ave may experience low water pressure while the break is being repaired.
Thank you for your patience.

Hydrant flushing in district #4 (MI homes/Hans Hagen) will be done next week (week of 11/6), instead of this week, thank you.