Today: April 22, 2019
City of Cologne
1211 Village Parkway
PO Box 120
Cologne, MN 55322


Glad Days


Cologne Glad Days is a unique festival celebrating our great community and the history of Cologne. The name “Glad Days” refers to a flower, the Gladiolus, which Cologne is famous for.

glad_daysEach year, the festival hosts a variety of events, including a 5K run/walk, city-wide garage sales, a garden party, kids festival, softball tournament, sheephead tournament, petting zoo, live entertainment, food, refreshments and much more!

Prizes are also awarded each year during the “Glad You Are My Neighbor” contest, which awards residents in a variety of categories, including “Best Gladiolus”.

Glad Days will take place July 26th – July 28th, 2018.

For more information about Glad Days, visit them online by Clicking Here or visiting them on Facebook.