Today: August 21, 2017
City of Cologne
1211 Village Parkway
PO Box 120
Cologne, MN 55322


The City of Cologne Welcomes You!

Development Opportunities


The following are current development opportunities within the City of Cologne.  Whether it’s a commercial or industrial property, or residential construction, the City of Cologne welcomes your addition to the growth of our city.

Village At Cologne

The Village at Cologne is a 1,440 housing unit development located on the South side of Hwy 212 and West of CR 53.  The development also has sites available for commercial development, city hall/community center and a school.  The development will include four major parks in addition to the community center and a trail system throughout the development.  The developer is Hans Hagen Homes, Inc.  Click Here heading for an illustration of the development.